Birmingham Construction Art Contest


Birmingham Construction Art ContestPavetheWay_Grey[1]

What: The Birmingham Shopping District (BSD) is looking for local artists to collectively paint/ decorate/enhance the approximately 3,000 feet of barricades that will be erected during the Old Woodward Reconstruction Project. Winning art will be selected by public jury. 

When: Painting will take place April 25th – May 11th. Judging will begin May 12th

How: Artists will submit their application by April 13. Samples are appreciated but not required. Download the application form here.


- The theme is “Pave the Way” which can be interpreted in many ways, at the discretion of the artist.

- Each space will be approximately 8’ wide by 4’ high.

- Artists are not limited to using paint, but artwork may not protrude more than 6-inches from the barricade and cannot be sharp/pointy or in any way dangerous to passers-by.

- All art must be weatherproof and will become the property of the BSD.

- Artists are asked to volunteer their time. They will not be paid for their work.

- Businesses located within the BSD are also eligible to participate in this event.

- Winning artwork will be displayed in downtown Birmingham at the completion of the construction project.

- Artists may apply for the opportunity to paint up to three areas.

Good Luck!

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